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Many years ago, at an international Conference on ‘Healing’ arranged by a Lama-friend of mine; I met a ‘Medicine –man’ (which I would now call a Shaman) of the Shuar, the Shuar live in the upper part of the Amazon, in the tropical rainforest of Ecuador and Peru.

I was reminded of him on this Earth-Day.

For the Shuar the Earth Mother is called Nunkui, She nurtures all that grows.

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Also note a new residential retreat in Tuscany is booking now. The topic is the Divine Feminine, lectures with Swami Nitya interspersed with movement by Sabina Cesaroni. Click here for more information

Volunteer Opportunity in India
The school linked to Swami Nitya’s Children’s Project is looking for someone to teach English to the girls. 3-6 month commitment, small stipend, food and lodging, and the chance to experience something amazing and make a difference! For more information please contact us

As Aum (ॐ ) is the sound of the universe, Aeem (ऐं) is the Divine vibration of knowing; the cosmic  intelligence vibrating throughout the universe.

SHE is honoured in different contexts in the form of Saraswati, Savitri or Gayatri (India), as Prajnaparamita( Buddhism)  as Dolma (Tibet), as Sophia, Athene (Greece) as Dahomey (Africa) as Pte san-Wi (white Buffalo Woman (Native America)) as Danu or Brigit (Celts)  …etc., all these are forms of the Divine Force of wisdom.

Wisdom is living from the awareness of Oneness.

Applied wisdom is Yoga

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