Next Retreat in Meran MAY 2019 !!!! heartfelt welcome!


Join our beautiful retreat

Take a deep breath and enjoy lectures and silence – intercepted by nature in the middle of Europe.

May, 17th to 25  2019

from fear to freedom

Swami Nitya and Sabina Cesaroni

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As Aum (ॐ ) is the sound of the universe, Aeem (ऐं) is the Divine vibration of knowing; the cosmic  intelligence vibrating throughout the universe.

SHE is honoured in different contexts in the form of Saraswati, Savitri or Gayatri (India), as Prajnaparamita( Buddhism)  as Dolma (Tibet), as Sophia, Athene (Greece) as Dahomey (Africa) as Pte san-Wi (white Buffalo Woman (Native America)) as Danu or Brigit (Celts)  …etc., all these are forms of the Divine Force of wisdom.

Wisdom is living from the awareness of Oneness.

Applied wisdom is Yoga

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picture taken in Lithuania by Eivaydas Kaunas diena – many thanks!