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Wise Women, Elders, Grandmothers Click here to read more

In a holistic view of the world phases of life (even life and death) are not separate; meaning in human terms, baby, child, adults, old and deceased people are all part of life. Life includes all, excludes none (as Swami Rama’s often used phrase indicates).               This holistic perception is ancient and to be found around the globe, and is often preserved and cultivated by female Elders.

In my own way, long time ago, when I was pregnant, I became aware of the long line of mothers and daughters, which become mothers and daughters, which become mothers and daughters – from time immemorial. With this insight something opened in me to a wider understanding; there is no individual, separate existence – only life expressing.

If we stay with this point, we become aware that in most cultures the Divine Feminine, or HER manifestation in women, especially mothers has been/is recognised as special! They manifest life and significantly influence new life, i.e. children, whether male or female. Throughout time, mothers as first and significant teachers, pass on their knowledge, and some especially to their daughters; as the daughter will replace her in the chain of life, going through similar experiences. In the past, this relationship was special.   Today the significance of this ancient wisdom has been pushed aside.

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Volunteer Opportunity in India
The school linked to Swami Nitya’s Children’s Project is looking for someone to teach English to the girls. 3-6 month commitment, small stipend, food and lodging, and the chance to experience something amazing and make a difference! For more information please contact us

New book published

This is a fascinating insight into balancing the feminine and masculine principles within each of us, society and the world at large. Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati takes up the challenge of delving into the root cause of many of the problems we face today. In doing so, she returns to the beginning and powerfully lays out how and why things went awry. She offers tangible solutions to redress the balance.


As Aum (ॐ ) is the sound of the universe, Aeem (ऐं) is the Divine vibration of knowing; the cosmic  intelligence vibrating throughout the universe.

SHE is honoured in different contexts in the form of Saraswati, Savitri or Gayatri (India), as Prajnaparamita( Buddhism)  as Dolma (Tibet), as Sophia, Athene (Greece) as Dahomey (Africa) as Pte san-Wi (white Buffalo Woman (Native America)) as Danu or Brigit (Celts)  …etc., all these are forms of the Divine Force of wisdom.

Wisdom is living from the awareness of Oneness.

Applied wisdom is Yoga

It is adamant that we turn away from the power-crazy, destructive perception, which in our global society has gone to extreme, which means unearthing and redirecting our focus into the opposite direction.“That means, even though the goal is balance, there first has to happen a turning; in this case from a materialistic society dominated by the masculine principle, to rekindle the values inherent in the feminine principle. Hence I endeavour to contemplate the feminine principle however not in isolation but with the awareness of, and in dialogue with, the masculine.  This means we cannot talk about driving out the patriarchal and installing a matriarchal society, but we need to move to the next level up, where both energies (the masculine and the feminine) contribute to a society of harmony and peace; where co-operation in love and respect is the goal; not the survival of the strongest, most scrupulous and ruthless.”

Swami Nitya

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