“Everything is Shiva”

“Aham Brahmasmi” – I am Brahman

“Existence as sat-chit-ananda…”

These are all very well-known statements, which all point to the same thing. For Ramana Maharishi…ananda here is not a separate attribute of the Self, but…all three, sat (existence), chit (consciousness), ananda (bliss), are inseparable; “in the same way as wetness, transparency and liquid are inseparable properties of Water!”

Ramana Maharishi was asked, “In what sense is our real nature bliss?”

He answered, “Perfect Bliss is Brahman; Perfect peace is of the Self. That alone exists and is consciousness. That which is called happiness or bliss is merely the nature of the Self. Self is no other than Bliss; THAT which is called Bliss, alone exists. Knowing that fact and abiding in that state of self, enjoy Bliss eternally.

“If a man thinks his happiness is due to external causes and his possession, it is reasonable to conclude that his happiness must increase with the increase of possessions and diminish in proportion to their diminution. Therefore if he is devoid of possessions, his happiness should be nil.

“What is the real experience of man? Does it conform to this view?

In deep sleep man is devoid of possession, including his own body. Instead of being unhappy though, he is quite happy. Everyone desires to sleep soundly. The conclusion is that happiness is inherent in man and is not due to external causes. One must realise the Self in order to open the store of unalloyed happiness.”

And he continuous to the question of “how to reach that Self”

“There is no reaching the self. If self were to be reached, it would mean that the Self is not here and now, that it is yet to be obtained…You are the Self, you are already That…The fact is you are ignorant of your bliss-full state. Ignorance supervenes and draws a veil over the pure Self, which is Bliss…Ananda….”

“…Be the Self, and that is Bliss.”

“Real Bliss is not the good feeling in meditation; real Bliss, Ananda is when the mind has merged in the Self!”

Ananda/Bliss is a thing that is always there; it doesn’t come and go. That which comes and goes is a creation of the mind.”

Wow now this is a strong message. To confirm that when we feel very good, full of joy (as we all sometimes do), this, is not it! However nice it feels, however much we enjoy…as long as we are aware and come out of the sate… it’s not yet it. It is our mental overlaid condition of that which is underneath.

Ramana even says that ‘Ananda’ might be an obstacle, because when we experience that bliss and are aware of it – we enjoy, we know! And as soon as we are aware – the experiencer… is born! Thus causing immediately a separation, from the source, from Ananda enabling the enjoyer to say “I am enjoying Ananda”… SO ….even this has to be surmounted. The final stage has to be reached…in which one becomes Ananda, Samadhi, one with the reality. In this state the duality of enjoyer and enjoyment ceases in the ocean of sat-Chit-Ananda – or the Self.

Yes, if we really ‘hit the deepest level’ according to Ramana…there is no observer and no observed…no process of observation.

It is as we heard in the context of Patanjali, in the first article, Samadhi.

This means the final obstacle is, ecstasy, is ananda itself. .. you feel great and you want to stay in that state. “Do not yield to this…” Asmita must go. “the calm is higher than the ecstasy; it has to merge into Samadhi.”

Only then, there is just One: Sat-chit-ananda.

Swami Rama, of the Himalayas, says it very simple (Wisdom of the Ancient Sages). When you can still enjoy it, when there is still the experience of the joy, it “lasts only for a short time and creates the desire for repetition…the highest Joy is everlasting – unity with Brahman.”

In the ‘Vivekachudamani’ (the Crest Jewel of Discrimination) Shakaracharya, (the Plato of ancient India) writes, “Having experienced the Atman, his mind completely absorbed in Brahman, when he returned to normal consciousness, he spoke out of the fullness of his JOY; “The ego has disappeared. I have realised my identity with Brahman and so all my desires have melted away. I have risen above my ignorance and my knowledge of his seeming universe.

“What is this tremendous Joy that I feel?

“Who shall measure it? I know nothing but joy, limitless, unbound!

“The Ocean of Brahman is full of nectar – the Joy of Atman.

“The treasure I have found there, cannot be described by words. The mind cannot conceive it. My mind fell like a hailstone into that vast expanse of Brahman’s ocean.

“Touching one drop of it, I melted away and became one with Brahman.

And now, though I return to human consciousness, I abide in the joy of Atman.

“Where is this universe? Who took it away?

“Has it merged into something else?

“A while ago I beheld it – now it exists no longer. This is wonderful indeed!

“Here is the ocean of Brahman, full of endless joy! “How can I ever accept or reject anything?

“Is there anything apart or distinct from Brahman?

“Now finally and clearly, I know that I am Atman, whose nature is eternal Joy; Ananda!

“I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing that is separate from me.”

There is only One… Sat Chit Ananda!

There are few people, throughout time, that lived in that State, and many of us… would actually wonder why to dissolve so totally .

One person who lived permanently in that state was Swami Nityananda of Vareshvari. One of his main disciples recounts that he lived permanently in the State that is called natural Samadhi, it is the normal way of existence… of such a person; wherever he went he walked, saw and experienced nothing but the Divine, whether he ate, walked or slept. He was at all times absorbed in Bliss, in Ananda. This state… of total absorption is called Unmani, the state beyond the mind.

Such a person speaks little, is naturally silent as there is no need… everything is full of love, beauty bliss. The light, that we are all made of, as mystics and even todays science tell us – is permanently visible to such a One, as was Nityananda.

It is said…and indeed there is a life-sized sculpture in the gardens of Siddha Peeth, of Nityananda dancing in ecstasy, absorbed in his own Bliss!

For such a One, there is only the experience of delight; there is only Joy, only delight, even if you have cancer (as we know from Ramana Maharishi and Ramakrishna.) The entire Creation, all knowledge everything is simply love, light, life – Joy! Filled with delight, as it is “of the nature of light!”

Hari Om.