Swami Nitya supports children of next generation and founded HCEP – Himalayan Children Educational Project

The Himalayan Children’s Education Project is now supporting fourteen children of various ages and gives additionally financial support for a school in Orissa – for girls, who otherwise have no chance for any education – ensuring they have funding for education, uniforms, books, transportation to school and healthcare.

To support this initiative, all available money, coming in as turnover via this E-shop, is donated to this organization. 

May the wisdom nourish our souls and our support enable children to flourish into a better future!

With deep gratitude to ALL who support this shop by translating and editing her wisdom – to make it available in different languages! 

love and respect

Tina Gattermann


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“I am delighted and filled with gratitude  for this new way of sharing wisdom. Gratitude for the co-operation  of several people , yes.. but moreover  gratitude  towards  the Divine that enables the wisdom to flow, through us, for the benefit of the many.; including those children in India … who  will be helped by this endeavor to grow healthy, heart and mind.”

Swami Nitya