Council of European Grandmother's

Wise women of Europe sharing and reviving old and modern wisdom for the benefit of all
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Throughout the age’s female elders – let’s call them ‘Grandmothers’ were keepers of an all-embracing wisdom and its spiritual dimension, however clad in their individual culture.

We have lost an enormous amount of wisdom, about the interconnectedness of all life and death of all species; indeed of existence. In our contemporary world the meaning of life is all too often replaced by technical and economic myth of progress at all cost. This myth is destroying our world, meaning the Earth, whose very existence we share

Especially amongst indigenous people this wisdom is still preserved, respected and used.

Since 2004 the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers have travelled the world to remind us through teachings, ceremonies, prayers, and meditations of what we have lost; they have rekindled that awareness in us.

In 2014 amongst a group of women the idea was born, to create a simile for Europe.Then in 2015 The Council of European Grandmothers was born (in Italy).

Guests of honour were the honourable Chair-women and oldest member of the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim. Stateswoman from Grants Pass, Oregon, US, honoured as a ‘living Treasure  by the confederated Tribes of  Siletz and as a ‘Living Cultural Legend’ by the Oregon Council  of the Arts, and her daughter, Grandmother Nadine.                                                             

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